Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Ocean Box: Cetaceans

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2009-09-08 005

Today we finally arrived at the end of our Cetacean study, which has been a fascinating one. Whales are such beautiful, magnificent creatures!

Each child got to fashion out of clay one whale of their choice. Lincoln picked the humpback whale. He carefully crafted the large, scalloped fins to clearly represent that his creation was indeed a humpback! Awesome job, bud.

2009-09-08 009

Mullin started off making an orca, which I thought was really good, but he wasn’t convinced and changed his mind to the beloved dolphin. Super dorsal fin, there!

2009-09-08 002

Shiloh was busy making “pebbles” to put on her ocean floor while I figured out a way to suspend our dolphin, so it would appear to be swimming.

2009-09-08 003

We attached googly eyes and finally got the thing hung.

Tomorrow we will begin learning about pinnipeds, and when we’re through, we’ll have another ocean box day. :)

**I highly recommend Jeannie K. Fulbright’s, Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day!

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