Friday, September 04, 2009

Quilt in the Making

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2009-08-30 004

I saved quite a few baby clothes in hopes of one day having a giant quilt made.  My dream of having such a treasure has almost come true! 

What makes this labor of love even more special is that my sweet, slightly obsessed, Arizona friend, Staci, who would much rather be in Colorado or Montana, is making it for me.

2009-08-30 013

I couldn’t help but get teary when I laid it out on my bed for the first time.  I was supposed to be looking at it so I could get some fabric color ideas for the back and sides, but I just wanted to stare at each square relishing each memory that was fleeting by.  (Oh, how I wanted to hold on to each one as long as I could!) My babies wore these clothes and I tenderly wrapped them up in these blankets, which are now just represented by small squares of fabric. My youngest child is now hobbit-sized.  No more tiny, fresh-smelling, chubby lumps to cuddle close.  This truly is a treasure!!

2009-08-30 009

Each square holds a story that is close to my heart.  Each square brings to mind one of my children and a tale to tell—the reason each piece of fabric is so special.  I feel like the cheesiness is dripping from my every pore, but I just can’t put into words how much I adore this blanket!  The navy and white striped square that seems to jump off the quilt reminds me of Lincoln.  When I found out I was having another boy, I decided to go shopping at Baby Gap with some money I’d been saving up.  Lincoln was born in the dead of winter, completely opposite of Mullin, so he needed some new clothes anyway.  Oh, he looked so cute dressed in this striped jailer’s outfit complete with a little newborn hat. 


2009-08-30 006


All three of my kids wore the little newborn body suit and a gown of the same fabric.




2009-08-30 007


The celery green square is part of Lincoln’s newborn Carter’s receiving blanket.  He had an outfit that went with it, too. 



2009-08-30 010


This was part of Mullin’s very first Carter’s receiving blanket.  It has a few tiny holes, but I just had to have it on my quilt.  My first nursery was done in a complete Carter’s theme.  Lincoln also used the same nursery theme.


2009-08-30 011

Blue square—baby gown of Lincoln’s, and of course it’s Carter’s.  I just LOVE that sweet, baby brand!!!




Since I have taken these pictures, I have picked out the fabric for back, sides and edge of the quilt.  I can’t wait to see the final outcome!!!!  And of course there will be more pics, and “square stories” which, I am sure, will thoroughly bore everyone to tears. :)

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