Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sea of Indecision

Pin It Now! And it's all over a silly blog name.

Not only am I trying to decide a new layout to fit my growing bloggy needs, but I have had a hunch for a little while now that maybe my blog name should go too.

"Autumn's Attic" isn't really doin' it for me anymore, and Brandi's Basement just doesn't have that same ring to it, ya know.

A few hurdles stand in the way of all this change, though. One-- I need techy-hubby help (well, not for the name part), two-- once I make a decision, it is extremely hard for me to change (It's been Autumn's Attic for 3 years!), three--I just plain can't think of a new name...and it's driving me up the wall!!!

Why is so imperative that I think fast? So I won't think about it every stinkin', waking moment!! Do you ever get like that? When something just won't leave your mind even when you want it to, or even when it's not really that important?

But, no matter how hard I try to rid myself of these life draining thoughts, my brain remains a sea of turbulent water, tossing a myriad of clever and not so clever blog titles to and fro. None of them wash ashore to make a huge imprint in the sand saying, "This is the one!", or "Pick me!", and I am getting ever so tired. I wish a hungry shark would just come and eat 'em all up!

The fam decided to try and help over tomato soup tonight.

Mullin suggested thoughtfully, "How about Brandi's Bank of Thoughts?" (Appreciate the thought, honey.)

Lincoln chimed in, "Or just Brandi's Brainstorms." (Hmmm, not feelin' it.)

Leave it to dad to send the kids into peals of laughter at the dinner table-- "Brandi's Brainfarts." Nice.

Well, I can see we are getting nowhere here, so I will sleep on it. Literally, I hope I sleep on it. Insomnia please stay away tonight. It's just a blog name, nothing important. So, you don't have to keep me up, k? K.

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

I actually kind of like Brandi's Brainstorms. It's fun to say - and makes me assume that you are creative and fun (which you probably are). :)

Best wishes in coming up with a name that suits your personality and purposes!


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