Monday, September 21, 2009

Ocean Box: Pinnipeds

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2009-09-017 009

Shiloh couldn’t wait to make a baby harp seal, just like the one she’d seen in a book from the library.

Of course mom had to help. I think it can pass for a harp seal, although I am leaning towards Jay Jay the Jet Plane’s friend, Puffy.

2009-09-017 011

2009-09-017 013

Anyhoo, here is the baby seal resting atop an ice flow. (You can’t see the white paper on top of the box, which represents ice.)

2009-09-017 017

Mullin went with a walrus. He couldn’t wait to forge those cool tusks out of clay.

Looks like he got sat on by a bigger, fatter walrus, but other than that the walrus looks quite content lying on the rock basking in the warm sun.

2009-09-017 015

2009-09-017 018

A tad difficult to make out, but Lincoln chose a sea lion. Those are a favorite around here. Ar, Ar, Ar!

Gosh, loads of clay can get pretty expensive. Thanks, mom, for providing the kids with clay for all of their ocean box projects!! There will be many more forth coming to delight all of my readers and the 3 followers I have. :)

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