Wednesday, September 02, 2009

WFMW: Scrub-a-dub-dub, kid cleans the tub...

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Here is a fun way to get kid tub-cleaning help with no worries of toxic fumes or harmful chemicals making contact with skin.

Cut a lemon in half and pour on the baking soda, then set your kids to work! :) (Actually my son volunteered for this chore one day this past summer.) I saw this idea at ,one of my favorite health sites.

Even though lemons are non-toxic, we all know lemon in the eyes will BURN, so make sure kids wash hands when they are done!

**I know this has nothing to do with this week's theme of organization, but I just couldn't get organized enough to do a post on it. :( I really am a pretty organized person, but just not today.

Now just look at that sparkly, white tub! Good job, Lincoln! And thanks for helping Mom. :)

For more tips, especially organizational ones, stop by We are THAT Family.


Julie Bagamary said...

That looks interesting and worth a try.

Terri said...

Does 1/2 a lemon work for the whole tub? Looks like a great cleaning tool! Thanks for the hint.

T Mama said...

Do you hire him out?? I love this idea!


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