Thursday, September 17, 2009

Obama-wan Kenobi

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I think my oldest son is as addicted to as I am to Many grins when he saw that the president enjoys a little force-action every now and then.

He looks like quite the natural and blue suits him well, don't ya think? May he make Obi-wan proud.

I am sure any future, intelligent conversations that I have with my children about our president will now conjure up images of Obama wielding a light saber instead of him giving a savvy speech in coat and tie. Oh well, I do have boys. What else can I expect? Star Wars is on the brain 24/7!

Oh, and I am just waiting for the rumors to start about how Obama secretly believes in and actually uses The Force when making super difficult decisions regarding the future of America.

Tongue and cheek people, tongue and cheek. ;)

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Anonymous said...

Tongue in Cheek, Brandi, Tongue in Cheek. PawPaw


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