Wednesday, September 30, 2009


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Fortunately I am not a sufferer of incessant migraines, but occasionally I will get a headache. I hate headaches. They're crippling and painful. My world stops.

Because I am typically not a pill popper, I try to find alternative methods to treat my ailments. For headaches, MY*GRASTICK works for me!

I originally bought this pocket-size, roll-on stick as a stocking stuffer for my husband who seems to always have a headache. But, I think it accidentally ended up in my drawer when I realized how wonderfully it worked. :)

I sometimes get headaches that start in the back of the neck and then work their way up and around to the temples. The key for me is to use the MY*GRASTICK as soon as I feel something coming on no matter how insignificant it seems. The sooner I catch the headache, the better the stick works. If I wait until I have a full blown brain bomb, I usually end up taking a pill. If I use it right away, I almost never end up taking a pill.

As I write this, I realize I am out. Ugh, and I was just at Sprouts the other day. This stuff is a must in my medicine cabinet!

It's natural and made with peppermint and lavender essential oils. Not to be used by pregnant or nursing women or children under 7.

*I have even rubbed this stuff all over stiff neck and back muscles. It's quite an exhilarating and relaxing sensation. Go here to find out more.

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