Wednesday, June 02, 2010

WFMW: $ For Worksheets & Story Prompts

Pin It Now! Every summer I make folders of worksheets or have workbooks on hand, so the kids have something productive to do when they get bored. I also have a $ incentive. It's usually pretty cheap, like $.10 per worksheet.

Also, they receive $ for every book they read. Money earned is based on how many pages are in the book. Again, I can't afford to dish out huge amounts of money. For a 100-150 page book they make $.50 and so on. I would make them read anyway, but earning a little cash makes it more fun, especially since they don't get allowance right now.

I have added something new this year--Story Prompts.

I am hoping they will enjoy writing creative stories this summer, but I am giving a little prompt to get their imaginative juices flowing. They will recieve a little extra for writing stories. :)

*I used scrapbook paper and stickers to illustrate, and I started the story with a sentence or phrase. For example: The one with the tent says, "Our camping trip was going great until . . ." The one with the hour glass simply says, "Time was running out."

**For more "I'm bored, it's summer" ideas, visit We are THAT Family.


Rachel @ Finding Joy said...

Great ideas! I love how you got them all ready for them. Well done!

Have a blessed day.


Anonymous said...

I love the writing prompts! Way better than the workbooks I bought. And paying them to read = brilliant. I just did a big post on how much I love all the summer reading programs; but when kids get coupons for reading they don't really "get" it. My 6 year old gets $0.25 for taking the compost out to the pile, and is looking for additional revenue streams :)

3XMom said...

Story prompts are a great idea! Thanks!

Annikke said...

This is an excellent idea! I make my kids a 3-ring binder every year and they get to work on worksheets, etc. I think I will add in the story prompts too this time. I have never had any incentive for them, but I am thinking this year I might give tickets for computer/video game time. Up until recently we have not had an issue with that but lately that's all they want to do. So maybe if they earn tickets for completing worksheets or whatever.

Every year I also do a Reading Bingo that earns them a reward when they complete it - this works wonderfully!

Tracey said...

I really like this story prompts idea! We also do a "summer learning program" and this would be a great addition to it!


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