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Literacy Musing Mondays June 19-24 {Guest Post}

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Welcome back to the #LMMLinkup. We are so honored to have a guest poster this week: Megan Weyebacher. I hope you enjoy her post that narrates how she came to love reading and the books that inspire and shape her world.


Over the last year,  memories buried as deep as the Titanic surfaced to my frontal lobe and I wondered why. The memories were of me when I was a child, in elementary school. I remember living in such a small town that I could walk its distance in just a short time.

One place I went frequently was the small library. The memory went on further to the many times I ran my fingers across the spines of my vertical friends, until I found what I was looking for.
I was about seven years old when I began reading chapter books. Reading was never a challenge. I almost can't remember not being able to.

It is a love and gift I had almost taken for granted until I was blessed with a child who was challenged most in this area.

Through this challenge I have had to woo my child gently and show her why reading is really important, and an amazing gift we have been given.

It was in my book-to-daughter wooing season that these memories began to come back to me.

After those days in the tiny town library, I grew even more. About the age of ten, I began to pour over the musty smelling encyclopedias my parents owned. I don't know what it was about history and reading old stories and different methods, but I couldn't get enough of them.

This played a huge role in my newfound love of essays, one of which was published in our local newspaper at the age of twelve. It was a historical nonfiction piece about Captain James Lawrence.

I dabbled in poetry, both reading and writing it. It continues to be a love to this day, but my most favorite moments as a child were the times I climbed up in a tree or curled up in my bed reading Choose Your Own Adventure Stories, or my Little House on the Prairie series.

Preteen years were such a mix with these as well as Nancy Drew and The Boxcar Children. Being an introvert, books took me to places yet let me make discoveries within the comfort of my own personal bubble.

As a teenager I transitioned into self-help books about the things I was going through. I'll never forget the first "teenagery" book I was gifted. Ten Time Bombs: Defusing The Most Explosive Pressures Teenagers Face by Ron Hutchcraft.

As a young married adult searching for answers and identity, I was elated when someone from a church I was visiting cared to give me a fiction book. Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers especially spoke to my hungry-for-love soul that only God can truly fill.
  • Now that fiction plots are running through my veins once again as they did when I was young, stapling layers of notebook paper together, filled with story and sketch, I need more fiction in my life.
  • Now that I am blogging and running a business, I need more of those kinds of books in my life.
But I can't let only those things define me. I can spread my literary wings and fly to other places too.

K. M. Weiland says, "Read widely, so you know what’s original and what isn’t."

I can't let comfort book zones define me and I can't let pride keep me from swimming further from the shore. There are more adventures to be discovered, more stories to drink in.

And honestly, I want the whole slew. If God takes me across the globe then so be it, but there will never be a quicker way to travel than through a book.

 Recently, I read a blog article by a friend that made me think: "How A Christian Can Diversify Her Bookshelf," by Carolina Cisneros. This post spoke to me particularly of the season I am in. A season of transition.

Gravity and faith have us well grounded, but the lessons we can learn from all sorts of books can take us to places and help us to grow in ways we never imagined.

Do you like to read too? Do you need to spread your literary wings and see if there's more to discover? Don't ever think you have to fit in a box. Boxes were made to carry books in, not the world within the books.

I challenge you this summer to pick a different genre than what you typically read. If at first you don't succeed, try and try again. If you keep going you are bound to meet a new friend eventually.

Meghan bio:

Meghan Weyerbacher is all about slow and simple living so she can focus on the things that matter most: Faith, Family, Writing & Adventures. She sands down sentences for a living and is the host of #TeaAndWord Tuesday over at her blog,

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Instagram: www.instagram/MegWeyerbacher



Meg also offers a Writing from Rest ecourse which is free right now be sure to check it on her blog.

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