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Ornament Ideas for Soda Lovers & Animal Lovers {2016 Ornament Reveal}

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  Christmas Ornament Ideas


Every year I give ornaments to my kids before we decorate our Memory Tree. It's tradition. The first present they open to kick off the holiday season. I have a lot of fun picking out these ornaments since I try to find ones that have something to do with my kids' personal interests.

Soda Lovers' Ornament Idea

soda ornaments

 I know it's not the cool thing to admit that your kids eat and drink junk, but I've got a tween and teens now who buy their own treats. All three of my kids love to slake their thirst for sugar with soda, especially the Mountain Dew kind. During my super specific soda ornament search, I found these neat, 3-dimensional, soda star ornaments on etsy made by TexasTieDyeGuy.
The ornaments come boxed in packs of 2 of the same ornament. TexasTieDyeGuy makes the ornaments from recycled aluminum cans that have been thoroughly cleaned. The stars are lightweight and have pretty smooth edges, but they are not recommended for small children. Also, ours came with silver string for hanging on the tree. Cost: $8.99 a pair.

I ordered 2 pairs - one of regular Mountain Dew and one of Pitch Black Mountain Dew. I gave one of each to my two boys. My daughter also loves Mountain Dew, and I would have ordered another pair - probably the Voltage or Sangria Blast - but she actually asked for a certain type of ornament that I will share in a moment.

TexasTieDyeGuy makes lots of other kinds of soda stars, too. So, if you have a soda lover, check out these unique, handmade ornaments!

By the way, I was impressed with how quickly I received my order. I think I waited less than a week to receive it.

  Soda Ornamentsoda-star-regular-mountain-dew

Animal Lovers' Ornament Idea

Typically, my children don't ask for the type of ornament they want. It's fun to be surprised. However, this year my daughter asked for an ornament with a picture of her dog, Kylo. Finally getting a puppy this past March was a HUGE milestone for her. A dream come true.

If you have a child who adores his/her pet, give a photo ornament as a gift! I used Snapfish. I chose the porcelain star to keep with the star theme, plus it was the least expensive of the photo ornaments - $11.99. It's about 2 inches in diameter and comes with gold thread for hanging.

The most difficult part was trying to find a decent photo to use. I'm happy with the quality of the ornament, but I'm not so sure I LOVE the photo I chose. My daughter is happy, though, and that's what counts! (The little green spot isn't on the ornament, just on the picture of it.)


And that's our 2016 Ornament Reveal!

2016 ornament reveal Do you give ornaments to your kids every year?  

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