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RED: the true story of RED RIDING HOOD {Free Discussion Questions}

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REd: the true story of RED RIDING HOOD  

Recently, I took my 11-year-old daughter and one of her friends through the book, Red: The true story of RED RIDING HOOD. We liked Rump: The true story of Rumpelstiltskin so much that I figured this story would be just as fun . . . and it was. LOVED it!

About the Book

Red, a character from Liesl's book, Rump, is pretty fearless. Except when it comes to magic and the thought of losing her Granny. When Red learns that her Granny is sick, she must brave the Woods alone in order to find a cure.

Red eventually meets up with a bubbly girl named Goldie who is on a quest of her own. Though not the most suitable companions, together, they decide to seek the treasures they so desperately want.

Red is forced to face her fear of magic as she and Goldie travel to dwarves' caverns, a magic well, and a castle inhabited by a shocking beast. All along the way, a mysterious wolf and a determined huntsman continue to cross the girls' path.

Who is friend; who is foe? It's hard to tell. One may even hold the key to the cure Red desires.

How far will Red go, and what price is she willing to pay to save her Granny?
Find out in this exciting modern-day fairy tale! Click the book to get your copy.


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Discussion Questions {Free}

My daughter and her friend read a certain number of chapters throughout the week and answered the assigned questions that I wrote. Each Thursday, we'd meet for lunch and discuss the questions and answers. Since I already put in the hard work of writing the questions, I thought I'd share them with you. There are a total of 77 discussion questions for the 26 chapters, plus the epilogue.

I've edited the best that I can. Please feel free to let me know if you find any mistakes. :)

Discussion Questions for Red (Click to print for free.)

Red Questions

Answer Key

While I've written many discussion questions over the years for my kids, I haven't always written answer keys. But for Red I did. Not all of the questions require exact answers, so for some I've written, "Answers will vary." For most of these types of answers, I've included my own thoughts or suggested answers.
Red Answer Key  
  *Writing discussion questions and answer keys takes quite a bit of time and energy, so I'm not including the answer key for free. I'm not actually going to charge for it, but if you'd like for me to email you the answer key, please choose one of the following:
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 Please let me know in the comments if you followed me on Instagram or if you bought my book. Be sure to leave your email, so I can send you the answer key for Red! :) If you'd rather email me, you can do so at brandiraae at live dot com. Please title the email "Red Answer Key."

Activity Ideas {Free}

To celebrate the end of Red, we had a little party in which the girls  recited Chore Charms and Super Power Spells, ate yummy food, and discussed literary elements from the book.

1. Chore Charm & Super Power Spell

Think of your least favorite chore and create a charm for it. Think of a super power you'd like to have and create a spell for it. Follow the examples of charms and spells in the book to help you create your own. Feel free to print the ones below.

Chore Charm

chore charm

Super Power Spell

super power spell 

 Sharing my daughter's charm and spell as an example: 

 Chore Charm: (She doesn't like folding her clothes)

Fold my clothes 
Beneath my toes 
While I wait 
I will congratulate. 

Super Power Spell: (She wishes she could be invisible) 

Cover me 
With your mystical cloak 
In the shadows 
I will poke. 

 It was a fun assignment! Hope you try it out and share your (kids') creations in the comments!!

2. Literary Discussion

During our party, we defined literary terms such as allusion, alliteration, foreshadowing, imagery, and more. We also discussed examples from the book for each type of literary term. Click on the link below to download a copy for free.

Literary Discussion

literary discussion for red

3. Food Fun, Decor, & Dress Up

My friend had dress up clothes that she brought over for our girls which added a special touch. Not necessary but fun. :) The girls chose to dress up as the characters who matched their own personalities best.

  Red Riding Hood

For the decor, I stuck with a red-colored theme and used items that represented the three magical things that could supposedly stop death: wine from a magic well, red roses from an enchanted castle, and magic hearts. An old picnic basket of mine served as part of the centerpiece and as a container to hold the food that Red carried to her grandmother.

  Red Riding Hood

Red Menu: I chose items to represent foods from both the Grimm's and Liesl's fairytales.
  • Bread
  • Vanilla cake
  • Lunch meat
  • Honey
  • Red juice for the wine
  • Candies for the gems eaten by dwarves
Red Riding Hood Red Riding Hood  

The girls recited their charms and spells after eating their lunch.

  Red Riding Hood

The party wouldn't be complete without a picture of Red and Goldie with "Wolf." {aka Kylo the dog} Y'all, discussing Red with these girls was a real treat! Literature is definitely my favorite subject. :) 

Hope you have as much fun as we did. 

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